Thursday, November 6, 2008


Your thoughts, your expression
It makes me laugh
My happiness as well as my small sadness
You give them to me
There are times where I still fall for love
Slowly show me yourself
I know that you can see
Open the road and show me
So that I can walk by your side
This is love
Something the heart commands
I can feel that the dreams aren't far
A thankful person
Having waited for a slow person like me
I'm going to focus on you
Make me yours
I know that time is going to give us hurt as well
But I'm not afraid
Living on with you
Sharing all our baggage
Being friends
I'll be here
Don't be uneasy
I feel you without making things difficult
That form, that passion
Don't forget it
Your serious gaze
Your promise whispered into my heart
The future sticks to those with you
Your glow of a beautiful form
And you always be my all
My everything...