Thursday, June 4, 2009

(The Reason of Existance)

As you say, i am listening.
Like the seawaves hitting upon the seashore.
Your pains and happiness.
The rainbow is only left with one color.
I listen as you say.
Like a knife cutting, groaning in pain.
Because love doesn't have rules.
That’s why heart aches and dies, cannot be alive.

But I still am still here. I am always here.
The picture I took with you is still on my phone until now
Love will go on and on, like what you have said before.
But when you left me, you didn't have any regrets.
I am really here. I am always here.
Doesn’t matter if it's the wind or the air...
I can take it, my hand holds it tightly.
Insanely waiting beside you, proving you are worth it.
But I will still smile because it all is worth it.

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