Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 memories :) -added-

Too many things happened in 2009..
many smile, laugh, also tears..
love, hate, anger, peace..
friends, parents, relatives, teachers..
home, school, mall, cafe...
I love them all.
I love you guys.

2009 memories begins on 14th january..
It's my 16. eks ii ceh made a suprise party for me XD
and many other bday parties in 2009.. let's say Fehmy's 17, Jan's 16, Sakaw's 17, Yona's 17, Jeny's 16, and many others i cannot mention them all. hehe.

Valentine Charity. This idea came up first from our class, then we ask OSIS to join with us. We sold rose and chocolates, and all the profit we earned are rendered to orphanage :) but i cant find where the orphanage photo is :(

Next one is 4th Seeds in Mood, english competition. I got 1st place in debating on 2008, and i got the 1st place again in 2009. I heart you all my team mates. Cant make it without you all guys XD

Me and Jeny, my beloved girlfriend also team mate in British Parliamentry. Another debating competition in UNM.. Sadly we got 2nd place that time. HUHU.

Bira. AAAAAAAA. A very beautiful beach in the very south of Sulawesi. White sand and perfect waves XD

Another competition.. Cipta-Baca puisi. I got 2nd place in making poem. Out of expectation. HAHAHHAHHA!

Stand by me. HAHAHHAHHA. We're getting closer by this film. *me and my class mates* and also by this film, we had soo much fun! Went to Khayangan Island, "Party" in Clarion, Akkarena the last scene. AAAA. Miss those momentt! >< SEALNet. South East Asian Leadership Network. Social Service. This year's theme is: Bring Clean Water to Indonesia. People came from America, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Pakistan. Made many friends here. And I miss you guys! Hope to see you again >< Malino trip on Indonesia's Independence Day, which is on August, 17th. Went there with Jeny, Emy, Sapo, Neng, Jesslyn, Epeng, Jan, Sak, Gide and Victor. wohooo. Great pleasure with you guys. And i badly miss our night walks at Endang XD

Ciputra's Board Game Competiton. Also met many great friends here. hoho. XD

Trans Studio. Also Farewell party for Jeny and Emy. We hardly made a scenario for that. Full of tears and laugh. Hahaha

LDK. -Latihan dasar kepemimpinan- i was junior, to become an OSIS. this is kind of inisiation haha.

School camp. hohohho.

Ret-reat Malino. Only for senior year's student XD

Charanesia. OMG. School's Yearly Event. That was such a wonderful moment. I love you all, orgcom! XD

The undone fairytale. But I'm done with that.

And many other memories i cannot write them all here. I dont have the pictures :( Like.. Porseni, APBN Competition, ZOEC '09, and ...Education Expo :) *winking at someone, you know who you are*
Also many great times during preparation on events like Charanesia and CHEsS On The Board '09.
Anyway thanks, past. Thanks, yesterday. You are marvelous! :)
I've been blessed with such a great friends like you guys. Social friend, Exact guys, Blogger people, commitees and blah blah. Hope we can do better next year. USEVOLK♥!

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

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