Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been good this year right.

I studied hard. I helped mommy in the kitchen. I helped daddy with those computer things. I cooked dinner for Teguh. So please get me thisssss. Please santa pleaseee. It isn’t available in Indonesia. I have a strong argument here, so please get me thaaattt ><

Oh ya my shoe size is 36, or 23,5 cm and I put the picture with this letter, so don’t get me a wrong thing. It’s white adidas JS wings. Don’t say that’s for men. I don’t care. And I saw some women wore that. Very coooolll >__<

Okay, maybe you think that I’m too old to ask you a Christmas present. I’m 16, I haven’t reached my maturity age, which is 17. I still have my right, okay? I’m just a little girl. Huahuahauhua

Eventhough since I was born, my father told me that you’re not exist. But from this time on, I believe that you’re exist*. (*if you send me that) See, how kind-hearted I am.

Oh ya, I don’t have a fireplace. Indonesia is very hot you know. You’re gonna die if you come and wear your glorious clothes. If you want to stay alive, you should topless and wear just boxer here, believe me. Very dangerous right? You don't need to come, Indonesia is too far away, just send me by DHL. Okay santaaa? I’m waiting for a big box from North Pole on 25th December.

Love you sooo much much,