Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The 2011 SEO

SEO is South-East Asian English Olympic. I had the opportunity to join this event, as an LO (liaison officer) on hospitality division. First event on my uni life. Good start :D

After interview and trainings, here we are the LOs. We have 1 week holiday after final examination. And i'm just happy to spent my holiday this way :) Lotsa fun, many new friends (local and international) and great great time!

From the hospitality division, our task is actually to mingle with the participant, make sure they enjoy the event, and make them feel comfortable. That's all. So it's pretty easy for me x)

I'm glad i was being productive. I woke up every 5 a.m and finished the last briefing on approximately 6 p.m. I hate the fact that i was really unproductive for the last 6 months. Uni bores me a lot.

Pictures tells much more so here they are :)

with Jayson Maulit, one of Debate A-core, he is really a nice person :)

On the right side is TJ from Thailand, and Azzrul on the left. They're really humble and low profile. Love them.

Dalton Tanonaka! The co-anchor of Indonesia Now on Metro TV. He's really funny! XD

The hottest one, Sam Block. Google yourself. *speechless *__*


Post mates, Nizar and Kevin. Our motto: Fuck the schedule!

With girls of documentation LO :)

Some funny moments of us did the chicken dance with the participant. The Filipinos was really good on it XD

laughing on myself for fooling the censor of the elevator, keeping it slow. Stupid.

Upset that LOs cannot join the City Tour and Gala Dinner, but seems that they had a great time. They went to TMII for the tour, and Bumbu Desa for the gala. All of foreign participants loves tempe! Sam Block said: What is this, guys? This tastes funtastic. Wahahaha!

The final day. Waiting for the bus to take us to Pacific Place. We were really lucky to have U.S. Embassy as our partner, they gave us venue @america at Pacific Place for free, and the place was really cool! Here some of the photos at @america

I was in NYC. yeah (y)

They have tons of iPad you can borrow!

They have google earth map on 5 big TV screen. Freaking cool. I went to disneyland, eiffel tower, liberty statue, golden gate, taj mahal, even they have map of Moon and Mars!



Credits goes to SEO's Documentation LO. thank you so much guys! :)

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