Thursday, February 10, 2011

craving for *expensive* shoes.

I live alone now, far away from my parents. I cant ask for money easily. Before i moved to Jakarta, my mom buys me everything I need. And here, I should buy all things by myself, even soap, shampoo and other small stuff. And to get what I want, like shoes worth 300k, i should save
my money first. When in the past days, i could get it easily. In indonesian: "Oke, bungkus." XD

Money worth a lot now. I know that it's not easy to get money. But the living cost here is high and I hardly save some money to buy something that I want. Remember, what you want and need is different. I dont want to get myself spoiled. But still, I love shopping. I'll stop shopping till Bill Gates is broke.

And here I am. Craving for shoes. Some of them may be cheap in the past day. But the thing is different now. I want a new gadget, clearly it's iPhone 4. But how can I save my money when there's still so many cute shoes in this worldd T_T

And this is some of my wishlist:

Pixie heels from june+julia. I need to get this. Maybe next month. Or tomorrow.

Mary bow flats still from june+julia. Worth IDR 153k. I bought a cute pair of 300k flats but it hurts so bad. Looking at this shoes makes me wanna punch my own face.

Christian Louboutin's Pigalli. Let's not mention how much it cost.

How could you not in love with those crazy stunning YSL's platform? I want want want this shoes in my closet so badlyyyy. groarrr.

You know that red line people :D I swear to myself I'll get one in the future. By my own money.

Machi Max2 Platform Pumps from

Alexis Mabille collection SS 2011. That shoes will look better on my feet. I'm sure ;P

Jimmy Choo's. Classy and vintage.

Miu Miu dragonfly. If i could lay my my feet on those.. *sigh

Proenza Scouler boots. ouch. They always catch my attention with the details. Last for a long time.

Christian Louboutin (again). That man is a genius.

Okay enough. I'm killing myself. That's not all of them. Not to mention Lanvin, Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Manolo Blahnik and blah and blah blah.

picture credit: anywhere it belongs. thankyou! :)

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