Thursday, February 3, 2011

hello. again.

I need to write.
I said i'd never write here again. I figure that i was totally wrong. I cant take this any longer. I lose my website that has been given to me last year. And i didn't do any extension for it. I don't want to be dependent. I don't know how to run the website. I don't know anything about coding and so. And i didn't know who runs the server. So I should ask the person who gave me the web to ask the server guy to extend it. So complicated.

And I haven't write all January. I'm depressed to the max, I should share my thought but I didn't, or in fact I can't. And I hate myself for being so dependent. I have no other choice though.

January was the best month of the year for me. Always. I went back on late December to celebrate Christmas with my big family because my family from Surabaya and Bandung was coming too :) I had a great great time in my hometown. Good time, good friends, good food, good good! Nothing feels like home here.. TT And I also made a family photo. Look! Look! :D

And in the middle of January, exactly the 14th, was my birthday hehehe. I'm 18 now. My friend said: barely legal. LOL.
I didnt tell anybody here about my birthday. So the day was quiet, not like other previous birthday. But still, I had a great time :) And happy to know that there are still real friends who remember your birthday even if you don't put that on facebook. Thank you all :)

The picture was taken last year, when we throw a surprise bday party to my friend. I held the cake, and my baby Jeny took a pic of it. She keep it, and upload it on my bday. I didn't even remember that this photo is exist! XD

Buuut. Few days later after my birthday, one of my friend who know my birthday tell another friend of mine. grrr. They poured water all over my body, throwed a cake right into my face, in front of the whole uni. A WHOLE UNI. But still, thanks for your caring guys hihihi :)

And also I joined LEVI'S D.I.Y contest, and I won. The first place yeeeeeyyy (y)

I applied to be a LO at SEO (South East Asian English Olympic) which is held by my uni. I was chosen hehehe. The event will be on 14th Feb till 19th Feb. Hopefully it will all turn great. Fight!

I'm facing my final exam right now huhuhuhu TT wish me the best of luck ya guys. I'm so sad I can't be in my hometown celebrate the Chinese New Year with my family. I'm desperately alone here. I'm just hoping that my GPA will be great. That's all i want right now, and also an iPhone 4.

Hopefully that wish will be granted within this month. Amen :)

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