Saturday, February 19, 2011

I'm typing this from iPad

The first time iPad launched I didn't interest at all. I thought it's not handy at all but now ...okay lah. It's good :p
This is the first time I'm blogging from iPad. And my blog look great here, maybe I should get one too? :p
Maybe that's all I want to say right now. I'm at @America in Pacific Place, the last day of SEO. Also the last day of my 'holiday'. But I'm happy that I spent my holiday by joining into the event, even only as an LO.
This Monday, the second semester will begin. Yey. Nearer to sophomore year :D but I'm still waiting for my GPA to comes out. Why took so long I'm dyinggggg :(
I said that was all, this one is the actual 'all'. The speaker from UI is speaking. Doesn't mean that I'm going to listen. After this maybe I'll check my twitter. Yey I'm using iPad! :P

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