Friday, March 11, 2011

How Good is Best?

Love your family, friends, enemies like you have only one more day to live for you'll never know when our life's going to end.

Don't be the person who regret in the middle of the journey. Despite the learning process you'll attain, the best step is to listen at people's best advice.

What happens, then, if you do regret in the middle of journey? Be a gentlemen/gentlewoman. Apologize to those who you have ignored and sincerely do all the things necessary to win their heart back, because second chance is an extremely rare opportunity. Don't be proud, or put yourself too high. Don't ask too much, not every question has a reason. You will simply regret it when your dear friend is gone by the time you realize it.

It's hard to lose a friend, especially to those you think they were best. But when you realize that he/she is not your real friend, it's relieving.
And to conclude, dear ex-friend.. I thought you were real and sincere. Well, I am simply wrong :) Good luck for future endeavors, and I hope you learned your lesson, and I shall learn mine.

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