Sunday, April 10, 2011

Teddy Bear and Me

All i want is just a damn Teddy Bear! I've been wanting that thing since the first time i live in Jakarta, since like 8 months ago? And up until now, that furry thing is still on the store. Sit and smile sweetly every time i pass/went by Teddy House.
Why didn't I bought it then? It. Is. Fucking. Expensive. At least for a doll. The one I wanted is like 60cm tall, and worth 295k. It comes naked, so i should buy the clothes separately which is worth another (around) 100k. Whaaaaaaatt.

I thought about Bacot, if any of you remember him. He's my big dog doll who had been accompanied me for 3 years long. But he was too big, so I didn't bring him to Jakarta. I was afraid of he would be dirty and things. Also my room is small, i don't know where should i put him @@

eh, this is him. He looks saad :(

My mom didn't want to buy me the Teddy. She said it was too expensive and useless. Well no one knows that i need a friend so badly, even the lifeless one. I would love a thing that have a couple of hand, i feel like being hugged, esp. with Bacot. I feel comfort. I hugged him whenever i feel excited, when i cry, I put him on my back and bring him with me around the house. I shared so many stories with him. I'm 18 and nothing's wrong with that. I MISS HIM T__T

The most painful thing is. I need so much time to think whether I'm buying it or not. But people in the mall carrying Tod's shopping bag, Gucci, Marc Jacobs and so. Those people spent so much in one time, and mee? Thinking so hard about (not yet) buying a damn Teddy Bear. I swear I'm gonna be so very rich one day. I'm not going to look at the price. Grab and swipe. Before the dooms day. Honey moneyyy!

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