Thursday, May 12, 2011

How I Would Like My Husband

There is no such perfect guy in this world.
But i know someone who stands the nearest to my standard of perfection, my dad. And I would love my husband to be like him.

1. He puts God before the family. All i know, he's been serving Him in his entire life. I'd like to serve God with my family. Yah, i admire his loyalty to God. But he's only a man, maybe he had passed man-jerk-era, he hides it perfectly. I know almost nothing about his issue with girlfriend(s) in the past. Well, dont care lalala.

2. Funny. Maybe he is the funniest dad i've ever seen in my entire life. Eventhough i'm his daughter, i've been having such a great laugh with him. Sometimes he's corny, but that's what i'm laughing about. But when his jokes is too corny, i'd usually say: Funny. ha-ha. And he laughs by himself makes it super corny. ha-ha.

3. He makes good money and provides our family. My family is not super rich. But all i need is always met. I want him to make more money than now (who doesn't?) so that my parent could use it for themselves, not for spoiling us. I want my husband to be like that, at least he could manage to fulfill our needs (and some our wants :p) frankly said, would be better if he is rich. It's h-u-s-b-a-n-d matter people!

4. Family comes first. He cares about us so much. He puts his family before himself. Sometimes i took pity on him for being too good huhu. He takes us to buy our favorite snacks which only sold at night, when he is already tired from working all day. He picks us up from school which is located less than 1km from our house everyday. (Okay, i'm feeling guilty now) He called me to makes sure that i'm okay, to not skip dinner, or talks whatever. I need a husband who wants to do little things like this, who is willing to take me at night although he was tired, and takes nothing for granted. It means so damn much.
Sometimes he is paranoid and i'm quite a rebel. Not taking taxi alone at night, not taking bus alone, go to church alone. I know he worries, just because he wants me to be save. But everything has its own risk and at those points, that's the only choice I have.
Mother in-law issue? Dad never had one.

5. He loves me. My dad loves me, but loves my mom better. I dont know how to describe how my parents love each other, I just want to have a relationship like that with a guy. A guy who is sincere, trustful and reliable. My dad is not handsome, in other hand my mom was a highschool star. Once my mom told me, she is very lucky and grateful that she has a great husband. It's not about physical appearance, and i should say that yes, my mom is very lucky. I want a guy who can put me before himself, if he can do that means yes he loves me enough.

6. He is good to everyone. Oh goat. My dad has tons of friends. TONS. Anywhere we go, there must be more than one person who knows him. He has a really impressing communication skill, i must say. He is lovable and get along with most of society. Young, old, staff, director, church, atheist, whatever. He is nice and helpful, and i would really love to have a husband who has a large number of friend. Guys who has many friends looks nice :D

7. Wise. My dad, not like others know is more than meets the eye. Yah. I don't need to write the full issue when i first having deep conversation with him, but it opens my mind to the world, and to him. I dont know that he can say something like that hahahha sorry dad :P

8. He love kids. Hahaha i just recall how my dad talks with the kids XDXDXDXDXDXD Especially us. I know and feel that he loves us, so much. And i cant be more thankful than now. My husband needs to love kids, especially ours. By then, i know our kids must be proud of their dad just like I do now.

That's the core, sounds simple but I haven't find a guy near that yet. Most relationship took me for granted and far away from my first expectation about them.
In relationship, maybe they know that we won't last forever so they didn't give me the best they can give. In other hand, i know it wont last forever so I give all the best I can give when the time still last.
A little trauma from the past, I'm being a little skeptic. Just hoping that there will be a guy that proves me wrong :)

by the way, this is my dad:
taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D

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