Tuesday, August 30, 2011

15 Signs You're In a Bad Relationship

1. He cannot make decision. He cannot even picture himself with you in his future. His motto: "Just let it flow, baby!". He doesn't take you serious.

2. He hurts you. Physically. Mentally. Sexually. Any way-ly.

3. He forbids you to meet your friends that he doesn't like.

4. He doesn't listen. You want him to be good, but he doesn't want to. He's just a regular boy who needs to grow up.

5. He never remembers anything.  It's like you need to record every single conversation you had.

6. He lies. To your face. Worst.

7. When he touches you inappropriately. You were in love. You will regret it.

8. When he asks you to let go of your virginity when he knows you still want to keep it. Even asking is rude. He doesn't respect you.

9. "How's your day?" He doesn't give a damn asking/knowing it.

10. When he re-tweet something like: "It's not that you that bad. But she was the one who doesn't deserves you." --> prove that he's no better either.

11. He never sees you when you're sick because he is too tired from work. Sick.

12. After 18 months you're together, he still doesn't know you hate green peas.

13. After 2 Christmases you passed, he never brings you to his parents.

14. He doesn't make an effort to make you stay. Nothing's more sad than this.

15. When you think of him when reading this, you know you deserve better. You know it and you know what you have to do: QUIT.
It doesn't even make you a quitter here. It's just you know this is the time to stop.

It's better to be alone rather than be in a relationship that's going nowhere. Don't be afraid. God never puts you in a situation you can't handle :)

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