Thursday, October 27, 2011

Refrigerator Notes

So today is the National Blogger Day in Indonesia.
I checked my first blog to figure out since when i write -you will never check that blog, promise me- Been blogging for almost 4 years, but feels like it was yesterday. I've grown so much in between. Very grateful.
I realize that I haven't write in a while, and lately i wrote too much for people. But this time this entry will be all about me. Probably will be a lot of complains, I warn you.

So, how's me?
Don't worry, I'm fine :)
I'm still 18, nothing much change. Enjoying life very much now. Though I'm alone, I don't know why am i happy with this state. Sometimes flashback passes, -we all dont like it- but now I regret it all :p I'm thinking that I was being more naive than myself 4 years ago. I dont know how to call it but love/lust/being lonely sometimes drives you stupid, eh? Luckily I'm in my rational mind right now, and I can laugh myself about it. Who's laughing now huh? XD

Note: Don't take yourself too seriously.

There's two kind of people in this world. Good and bad. To be more specific, bad category contains: Murderer, Rapist, Robber, Burglar, Liar, Complainer, and so much more. Good category contains: Come on, we all know who's in this category.
The good one usually placed surrounded the bad one. Good one cannot avoid murderer, rapist, or robber because they're usually random. Liar and complainer ....hmmm. They can be ignorant, but because they're too good sometimes they just can't.
I've been annoyed with complainer. I'm not saying I'm good. I'm a robber living around complainers. A bad, bad circle. I'm not gonna spill that lifestyle so move on, I take my life so easy, complainers take their life so freaking hard I wonder why. My life isnt easier than yours. So why you keep complaining and dont think it is complaining?

Note this: Being near bad people makes you one, too. Avoid them as much as you can.

I'm not going to write a longer post. I know I'm boring. Reader would not interested in long alphabetical post.
Last note for blogger: Keep your entry simple and valuable. A hard one. Because most of my post isnt valuable at all.

That's it for today. Writing like this is nothing big, but it keeps me happy. You should be happy too!

And oh ya, thank you for being my companion for years. I'm happy and thankful. I wish i can buy you a cake. I love you, Summersoul. XXX

all pic credit goes to @pinterest

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