Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy birthday, Mom.

I'm a terrible daughter.
I'm sorry I let you down too many times.
I'm sorry you worry about me too much.
I'm sorry you don't know anything about me.
I'm sorry I'm not your best friend.
I'm sorry I think you're annoying.
I'm sorry I cannot show how much I love you. I'm not good at it, but doesn't mean i love you less.
I can only ask you to wait, i don't know how long but please do. Because this is i promise you, I'm gonna make you proud of me one day. I'm praying to God that He'll give me the time. By then, hopefully you can smile at me and tell your friends "That's my girl!"
I'm not a great daughter. Yet.
Please, please please don't stop loving me.
Like Almira loves Pak Prabu. I love you as much. Maybe more. Definitely more. Please stop making me watch sinetron.
I love you more than the word "love" means. Happy birthday, Mom :)

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