Friday, April 20, 2012

Little Talk About Virginity

Here, in the capital city of Indonesia, virginity is a rare thing. Tell me we're Asians, we're supposed to be virgin until we are married. Yes, we are supposed to. But some of us couldn't help but fulfill their sex temptation.

Let's say, one is virgin. but according to research, at least more than half of them did a little something-something there, if you know what i mean. And around 20% of young lady in Jakarta already had one abortion. Hard truth right there.

Most of Asian men want a virgin wife. Well. Most of young guy are not virgin, and they want a virgin to be their wife. Why people are demanding virgin women? And why the case of virgin men are left untouched?
It's like if a white guy say something bad about black people, they're racist. But if black guy say something bad to a white guy, it's okay. Wth. The same case happen.

I have no problem with so-called free sex. If you want it, then have it. But remember the consequences and STDs is everywhere. I just don't get the people, specifically the government. Why do you care what people do with their crotch? Don't close your eyes and pretend that the culture is not changing. And especially a human named Tifatul Sembiring. Good luck sir. We hate you.

A question pops: Does being unvirgin makes women bad? No. Virginity doesn't co-related with morality. Even though they're not virgin, they're still human. They're still precious and valuable. They might be raped or went through a painful journey you don't know. You need to know that women is so much more than you think they are. They have the quality that men doesn't have. And remember, men are the one who took their virginity.
In short, we demand equality and freedom. We hate stigma. So do all of you.

P.S for virgin ladies, don't give it to someone who cannot guarantee you a future and a ring on your finger. Don't be blown away by the sweet words they told you. And virgin still rock! :)

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  1. Great writing! Love it! I love the way you explore your thoughts. And yes, virginity is have no relationship with morality.
    Send my regard to TifSembring LOL
    Proud of you Kez!