Thursday, August 9, 2012

after years

i havent done this in such a loooonnng time and it feels so good!
i made a DIY again. just that. haha. i know ;p
so i have this uber comfy shoes from muji, but a little bit bored with how it looks.

i love cuteness, and decided to give a little touch on it.
all you need are these and you can find it in any craft store :D

sew the ruffle until it is puffy and pretty enough like this. easy peasy and you can make it as many as you want.

put the pin behind the ruffle and stick it to the shoes, it would look like this:

 you can wear it like this

or like a boss.

you're ready to rock!
and i love ruffle so much so i'm gonna put another photo

bella! (y)

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