Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hometown Glory

Best reading while listening to Adhitia Sofyan's.

It's been 2 years since i leave this town.. I don't think town is still suit. Makassar. It is a city now.
I was born and raised here for 17 years.
It was good to see this city is now progressing to be so-called-modern.
I remember people were so anxious when the first fly over was built.
But in other hand, it is invading my hometown. Traffics, smokes, fancy diner, malls...

This city was just a small town, with a lot of love.
In my younger age, I fell in love here.
People I love, my family, friends, school, memories..
I miss all the old food stalls selling traditional food and cakes.
I miss the old cafe and coffee shops we used to hang for hours.
I miss my messy pinky room where Bacot was always there with me.
I miss those nights i spent in every forgotten corner of the city.
I miss my parents yelling at me trying to wake me up.
I miss going to traditional market instead of Carrefour.
I miss jogging at the Losari beach.
I miss those sunset I tried to catch with you.

I love this city. No less than the old one.
I love you. No less than the old days.