Monday, October 29, 2012


What is a home to you?
Are you picturing a building? A house with a garden, dog and kittens, flowers...
Or are you picturing your family? Mom who would make you breakfast every morning, your children, a person who waits for you to come home..

For me, home is love. Love is acceptance.
For who we are, for all the mistakes we've done, for whatever bad things we did to them, you don't know why but they still love you.
You cannot choose your family, but friends is a family you can choose.

People grow, sometimes apart.
Like 18 years old boy who leaves home for college, so does friend.
Over time, some become antics and valuable. Some become dusty papers you don't need anymore.
That's why people say blood is thicker than water.

Home is to find someone who would hold you, but not too tight so you can breathe.
Home is the first place you learn about life.
Home is the place where you'd give anything to fight for them.

Have you chosen the right people in your home?
I think I have :)

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