Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Papipop :*

I can never tell how much I love you,
How much I look up to you,
How proud I am to be your daughter.
I wish you happiness, joy, health, prosper, and courage.
I want you to have a long, healthy life.
I want you to be there at my wedding day, at the day i give birth to my children, at the 1st birthday of your great grand daughter.
Maybe not for you, but for me.
You're a good man, i think God owes you a nice house up there. But I want you to live forever. Won't you?
Thank you for the trust you have in me, and for ...everything.
You will be 70, I will be 40.
You will have the same laugh i hear all my life.
You will have the same love i feel every time i look into your eyes.
You will have the same warmth every time i run into your arms.
You will have more happiness each and everyday. I hope I will be one of the reason.
You might forever be complaining about how i dress but know this, that will never change.
For years to come, I hope you won't be ashamed if I'm still sitting on your lap. I will be always be that girl.
Thank you for always having my back.
You deserve every best thing in your life.
I miss you Pipop, much more than words can tell.
Happy birthday.

Yours always,

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