Monday, September 23, 2013

One Fine Summer

It's 11.59 a.m, another 81mins and my summer is officially over. I'm going back to school.
It's been a great 3 months.
My plans were falling apart when it begins but it's okay. I had fun. I didn't go to anywhere this year (yet) but I got my dream job. I was working at NIKICIO, an Indonesian fashion label under Nina Nikicio, my favorite Indonesian ready-to-wear designer. I've been her fan since years and years ago and to work with her is a dream come true, I would have not imagine this 3 years ago.
I miss home, but I think it's my turn to grow up.
I took courage to get close with my parents.
I made some new cool friends.
I had some pretty kick-ass nights.
I read some fine books.
I listen to new music.
I learn to love all over again.
I talk with some old long-time friend.
I started writing again.
It's been a great time, really.
Ciao summer, I'm going to miss you so, so, so much.
We have the feeling like we were floating.
We never noticed where time was going.
            On The Way Home - John Mayer  
Bring it on, senior year.

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  1. Thank you for working with us. Good luck for your senior year and hope to see you again! Take care darling xx