Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013, 2014..

2013 had been great. No doubt.
I thought it would be better to make mistakes in our life. But to make mistake is to regret. And regret will consume a lot of your time, attention and your soul.
2013 was not the year. I made the best decisions in my life. The year that i finally found my home in Jakarta. The year that I came up clean about myself and did something about it.
Reconnecting with my mom and old and new friend.
To take opportunities, to not worry about things I cannot control.
To do the craziest thing for the dumbest reason.
To not care about things I shouldn't.
To be brave, bold and carefree.
To forgive. To love.
It's been wonderful, really.

I wish I will not make any mistake in 2014, drink more coffee, travel solo and enjoy life even more.
I hope I will never forget where I came from and where I should be going.
Life is short, and it's a joke. Take it seriously.
So here's to 2014. I know you'll be great but don't forget to surprise me.
Bon Voyage x

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