Friday, December 26, 2014

2015: Resolution

I've been dealing with crappiest people this year. The little kid in me said there's always something good in oneself and I truly believe that. I give chances, probably too many.

So here's my 2015 resolution: I will put myself first. I should not be treated less than I deserve.
Maybe being adult means we have to let people be, and let them go. If they want to stay, let them. But be the one who make the call to leave. Nobody should treat you like shit. Nobody should think they could get away because you'll eventually forgive. Nobody should take you for granted.

Not letting people close enough maybe sound a little bit lonely, but if that's what it takes to not get myself hurt then I'd do it. Keep being kind and nice, but don't get too attached when you're hurt. Don't fall in love when you're lonely. I know it sounds super sad but you'll get through it. Maybe you'll have to live with the scar they left all your life, but at one point it will not bother you as much.

So cheers to individualist, let's welcome 2015 with the fragments of warmth that left in our hearts. I wish you will be braver, stronger and kinder. Take courage, and rule your own world.

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