Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Wish List

I'm grateful for I have all the things I need in my life. Cashmere sweater and iPhones maybe nice but they don't weight as much now. Christmas is getting near and I..

1. Don't want to be alone. This will be my first Christmas not being home. I've been living alone for 4 years but I was always home for Christmas. Everybody has a plan with their loved ones. Me too, myself. It's nice to have a break alone, but not in Christmas, I guess. I hope I will not hate Christmas in the long run.

2. Want time to stay a bit longer. That I can rewind and experience the love I had before. The love I thought I had. And the love I really had. I think I'm kind of numb now, I kind of like it, and I'm afraid of myself.

3. Want a ride in a cool neighborhood and pretend we live in the fanciest house there is. I want to forget the cruel world we live in and for that one day I don't have to worry about anything, because I'll come home to you.

4. Want to spend every morning with you. Or one day. Or just one morning. We'd go to my favorite diner and eat their yummy egg benedict till I can't breathe. I hope we stare into each other's eyes in between espressos and find there's still love left for both of us.

5. Can watch DVD about sappy love stories all day long. Wear pyjamas and cuddle and you'd wipe my tears away. You'd tell me everything is okay and we'll be the exception. You know the kind of shit I like, don't you?

5. Want an assurance of a great 2015. Okay that's too much. But it will be, it will. Sure? Sure. At least I'll try not to fall in love and ruin everything.

Cheers to 2014! It's been great, it's been sad, it's been hopeful and challenging. I hope you don't have any regret, because I'm sure I don't have one. One day you'll look back and make fun of yourself, but that doesn't mean you can make a joke out of your life.
Thrive to be the best and one day, you will.

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