Friday, March 27, 2015

Parallel Universe

This is actually a piece I started long ago. But Cinderella is quite happening right now so let's just get done with my thought. I hope somewhere in a parallel universe, Ella est moi.

Cinderella is my favorite Disney princess. She is the strongest princess Disney ever had. I grow up wanting to be her (did I just say that?!). She was the only one chasing what she wanted, while the other princesses were waiting for their prince charming comes along to rescue them. Cinderella rescued herself, she was afraid but she overcame her fear and challenge. That's the kind of women I'm talking about, and that's what we should teach our kids. To not wait, but to make it happen.
She stayed true, and she lived under her mother's wisdom: Have courage and be kind. The two things I struggle the most in life. Sometimes courage is just nowhere to be found, and being kind sometimes led us to trust the wrong person.
I believe she was relatively young when she married the prince. I believe she grew up and has her own empire. She lives in the busiest capital city in the world. She pays equal salary to women and men, and continually encouraging women all over the world to stand up for what they deserve.
She drops the Cinder and goes back being Ella. Everybody knows she is the boss but never consider her bossy. Red lipstick is her favorite and stilettos never bore her. She keeps being kind and strong as she always has been. She is a leader who always put others first.
She is now an activist, a beautiful looking and a composed feminist.  She has a nice little family with two daughters and one son. She raise them with love and compassion, and she reads them stories and poetries every night before bed.
Prince continues to run the company his father left him. The fact that Cinderella is now as powerful makes him realize that they never complete each other, they complement each other. They're the alpha couple he dreamt to be. They sometimes argue over politics but stop when their croque madame arrives, as they're both hardcore brunch fans. As busy as they are, they always take time for getaway and get interesting present for their kids.
And they live happily every after. 

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