Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Today is my birthday, I thought you were going to propose, instead you broke up with me.
I went out to clear my mind, and there's this guy on the street let me walk first and smiled. I was smitten and I thought of him in every step of my way.
I was greeted by a new barista in the coffee shop, his friend told him I was a regular. He offered his hand, asked me my name and how do I like my coffee. He was tall and dark, just the way I like. I gazed at my book but all I thought was the softness of his hand. Plus he sounded like a wedding bell. I ordered another espresso just for another chance of his attention.
A guy walked in, sat beside me and I stared at him. He looked confused when I said this is not common table. He stared back at me and asked why do I have to be so beautiful and cruel at the same time. I laughed and we were stuck in a silly conversation until sunlight were out. We parted our way and loneliness embraced me again.
I decided to watch the movie we're going to watch today. How bad could it be, I thought. I was looking for tissue but I found a brandy bottle inside my purse. I sobbed the whole movie and fell asleep in stranger's arm. He smelled like fresh laundry--warm. He woke me up when it finished and gave me his number. I said why wait and went to his place. I'm wanted. I was on cloud nine.
I found you in our home with your stuff packed. Right then you said sorry, you never meant to hurt anybody. I said okay and headed to the kitchen.
"..Alex? Alex? ALEX? BABE?"
I know you love me.

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