Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pink Peonies

I've never been so high in life before.

Amazingly this has been going on for weeks. Have you ever been happy? Like really happy? Not because you have someone to makes you happy. It's only you, realizing that pure happiness comes from the inside, and you know you can count on yourself to stay gleeful. Nothing really bothers me anymore. Not being flaked, not being not liked, not any boys, not not choosing the high road. No f--ks given.

But just like any other things, it ends. This is the moment when nothing is better than status quo and I'm frightened it's going to change soon. The wheel is spinning, they say. We've all been let down a thousand times, and I'm afraid life's going to do me no different. Throughout years people keep telling us to watch our step and eventually we do. It's like being guarded and we can just sit aback, waiting for life to creep up and beat the bullshit out of us. We're so in love with life, but is life going to love us back?

I am not ready to love again, but since life is a whole different dimension I guess I'll just love it till it do me no good. I should've hate life for so many failed plans and people, but even those are not enough reason to stop me being thankful for what I have in my hand. I would continue to hope that whatever's in my hand is not going to oversize what's in my heart. If I ever to change, I wish life humbles me.

Until I'm down from cloud nine, I guess life is still pink peonies to me. I'll stop worrying and enjoy the ride.

When the day is coming, may this will be a reminder that life's ever this good.

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