Friday, January 1, 2016


It's the end of the year again. And looking back to my 2015's resolution, I did it well. In fact, 2015 was terrific. This was the year i gave no fuck to negativity.

Dreams. That's what I have for 2016. Growing up with overachievers all my life, people surround me are determined to go abroad for free. Be it a job, conference, student exchange, as long as you're in Europe, you've made it. Congrats.

I didn't make it. My scholarship got rejected and my heart crushed. But then came the thought, is it really the dream? Then what's next? Is it all? To land my feet in EU's land? I think if I got there then, now I'd be really confused to figure out my life. With a little working experience and a master degree, I'd be lucky to have a decent job that I like.

So what now? I'm wishing that 2016 will be the year, emphasize on "the". The year that dreams are made and fulfilled. That dreaming will keep my feet on the ground.
I'm wishing to meet more interesting people that will make the journey worthwhile. To go to new places, to not lose gut. And above all, I wish for love. The great love from above.

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