Friday, January 15, 2016

January 14th, 2016.

On the day I turned 23, I was terrified. A bunch of terrorist attacked Jakarta with multiple bombings and shootings.
Me and my team had to postpone our event out of this incident due to security issue though it was not an easy decision for us. It was tough. Felt like all the sleepless nights and hardwork goes to waste. I didn't envision a birthday like this.

F U, terrorist. For destroying my favorite Starbucks in the city. For every fallen victims. For everything.  I can't express how much I hate you with words and even Italian gestures.

But I'm glad everyone is safe. I thank God that all the people I love are safe. I'm thankful that I have great bosses, and an excellent team. Thank you very much for your calls, voice notes and presents. Thank you very much for showering me love I don't deserve.

Anyway stay safe, dear friends. Stay alert.

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