Thursday, February 25, 2016


What are words?
Words are some letters without space. It has some meaning to it. Some words has a single meaning, some has many. You use it to form a more complex meaning out of sentences.

What is action?
Action is the thing you do with an objective, or some. Sometimes you do it just because, but it also counts.

What are words for?
Eternalizing the past.
Dreaming the future.

What is action for?
You do it in hoping for some result in your head, don't you?

Are words meant to be let out?
I guess not everytime.

Is action better than words?
Maybe. A man of his words, they say.

But they say a stand up comedian who acts out is cheap!
Agree to disagree.

What shapes our history?
Action, clearly.

How do we know our history?
Words, distinctly.

Do you lie with action?
Try me.

Do you lie with words?

Do you play with history?
Bear with it.

Are you playing with words?
Isn't it the most exciting thing in the world?

History doesn't shape itself without action.
But when words fail to execute, it never happened.

When you did something but no one knows, did it happen?

Did it?

2016.02.24, 1.49a.m -- kamar.

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