Sunday, January 1, 2017

Was 2016 So Bad?

Trump is elected president.

The rights are on the rise.

King Bhumibol is dead. Fidel Castro is dead.

So is a lot of celebrities, writers, journalist, and huge guys in 2016. My favorites weren't as significant as Prince, Muhammad Ali or Christina Grimmie. It was Harper Lee and Umberto Eco. When the time comes, we feel like it's never enough.

But some people are luckier and still have time in their pockets, they are the dearest of my hearts.
I'm fortunate because they're alive. My parents and brother are fine, my grandparents are okay, my friends are confused (but alive), and I am doing well.

I'm grateful I still have time to help people around me, making my parents happy, taking care of my boyfriend when he needs me. Those things matter. And I'm blessed to have opportunities left before they're gone forever.

Being drunk and not getting hangover, impulsive holidays, weekend getaway, getting job done before deadline, a cup of morning coffee, comfort foods delivery, technology that keeps pampering us, living in Thamrin, romanticizing Jakarta past midnight drive, enjoying bus ride on a rainy day with my earphone on, John Mayer, having someone to cuddle, payday, Hamilton, they're all great.

I'm thankful, so thankful. So, was 2016 that bad? No, not so. But may next year will be better.

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