Sunday, December 31, 2017

I Hope You Find Yourself

Hey, how are you? How was your 2017?

Love it or hate it, I wish you had done your best. Whether you feel stuck or feel the most growth, I hope you'll always thrive for more.

I hope you'll find the strength to do what you think you should do and to fight for what you really want/need for yourself. If you're confused, take time for yourself and try to identify what matters. Life is very creative when it comes to bringing people down. Be mindful and surround yourself with the best people.

Expect contentment, joy and a lot of good times. You will realize that you are enough for yourself. You will give up on people that don't want you back and don't want to be fought for. Stop killing yourself because the phone won't ring. Your time is equally worth with those who can never make it, and you know you can have better company. Call them. Or mum.

You are beautiful. I can't stress this enough. Be unapologetic about the things you like. Put that red beret on if that makes you feel good. Nobody can make you believe any other way. Your most favorite sight should be the one inside the mirror. You're more than what you think you are, and more than what people think you are. You will surprise yourself along the way.

Always remember where you come from. Remember why you do things and don't lose yourself in the making. It will take time and you'll wonder why you're doing what you're doing but it's normal to be tired. I want you to know that whatever you're feeling is valid. It's okay to hit pause. Really, it is.

May you have new desires and dreams, reignite the far buried faith and most importantly please continue to do the great work you've been doing. The best you can do is all you can hope for right?

It's going to be great. I feel it.

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